“Well, what has your organization done?””

We’re always excited to answer this question. From appearing on all of the major TV networks, to the Pepsi Refresh Campaign, to all the families we shake hands with every day, there has been a lot to celebrate over the years. Let us dispel any notions people may have about what a few committed people can do with some cold hard facts about the last few years:

Number of families directly assisted: Over 200
Number of families charged for direct assistance: 0
Number of phone call support hours: Over 300 hours
Number of individuals attending sponsored events: Over 3000
Number of people trained to recognize, handle, and work with individuals with autism: (These individuals all gain between 16 – 360 hours of experience) Over 150
Number of autism awareness media impressions, traditional media: Over 3 million
Number of autism awareness media impressions, social media: At least 7 million
Number of people exposed directly to neurodiversity advocates: Over 200
Number of doctors and healthcare workers developed: (The average doctor receives approximately 7 hours of training in medical school working with autism. Ours gain between 60 – 180 hours of experience) Over 17
Number of graduate students and researchers guided into related autism fields: Over 50
Number of autism organizational partnerships built: Over 40

And all of this was done for less then $300k in 13 years. Imagine what we could do with your support!