Sam WesselsThings have been progressing beyond our expectations with the theatrical release of The United States of Autism film.  We had projected that we would screen the film in about 40 cities and we are well on our way to 60 already! Many of the 20 families and individuals whose views are reflected in the film have been really involved getting the word out about their participation in the project as well as sharing with the world, how living with autism has affected their lives.  To that end, we wanted to share some of the major news pieces that have appeared in the last few 2 months that include 2 stories in major National Media networks. 

First and foremost, we want to congratulate Sam Wessels from Iowa for winning the CNN I-Report for best personal story! You can see more about him and all his efforts meeting candidates for the 2012 Presidential Election as well as the progression of his CNN I-Report story here: Congratulations Sam and parents Lin and Mark!

As many of you know, Katie Couric recently dedicated a major part of her website as well as a show to Autism in May. One of the families featured on there were the Iallonardi’s from Long Island, NY.  The Iallonardi’s have 3 children who have been diagnosed with Autism. The focus of their piece is what it is like raising one of their children-Jackson–who is more profoundly affected.  You can check out their story here:

We are so excited to finally be sharing this project with all of you and hope to continue to make the world a better place for our loved ones!