The following organizations received TTF support for families to attend their programs this year:

Training was provided free of charge to 90 students from LINK of Elizabethtown College, a student organization that buddies college students with children on the spectrum from the community.

Training and direct support is continually provided to Students for Autism, a Franklin and Marshall College club that partners children with autism with a college buddy. This organization additionally provides childcare for our families for our support meetings and engages with the families in bowling outings as well as events of their own.

Autism mom, Greta Smith, who is also a certified Dance Therapist received a scholarship to attend The Expressive Therapies Summit in NYC in order to better provide programs for our community. The Autism Movement Therapy Program at Encore Dance Center was set up thanks to these efforts.

Two families received direct assistance to get equipment for their homes to help with wandering prevention with their children who have elopement issues.

13 families received assistance right before the Thanksgiving Holiday in the form of Pajamas and books from our partner Alyssa’s Bedtime Stories and/or food that TTF provided to them for the Holidays.

132 children enjoyed Sensitive Santa this Holiday in either Lancaster County or NYC Chapters. All of the children received presents. Lancaster Presents were provided by Toys for Tots.

Families of children and individuals with autism received numerous respite events, including bowling, monthly support meetings, special events, craft days, mom and dad day outings, Lancaster Public Library art show, and more.