On Saturday, Oct. 11th, 2014 TTF President, Sugey Cruz-Everts and Director of Autism Support Services, Kimberly Shank, who is also an occupational therapist, trained 90 students at Elizabethtown College’s LINK Program. Link is a student-run club at Elizabethtown College dedicated to creating a community between college students and children with autism. Their programs include: The Explorers Club (Age 5-12): Each year Link matches college students with children in the community. Each college student spends a few hours each month with his or her buddy in or out of the child’s home. These one-on-one matches create strong bonds between the children and students. The Social Skills Group (Ages 12-18): This group plans one event per month in a group setting. Events range from movies to bowling trips and provide an opportunity for participants to get out and have a great time with their peers. Club Events: Each year Link holds club-wide events that bring all of the college students and community participants together. Events can be on-campus or off-campus. These events are a great way to build friendships and just have fun!

For more information about the programs provided by LINK please email: link@etown.edu. To request a training for your organization or club please contact contact us.