The Tommy Foundation is excited to announce it’s first major organizational grant, a $5500 grant to the Bodhana Group for 1 full year of Therapeutic RPG gaming!

Jack Berkenstock from the Bodhana Group was on hand at Six Feet Under Games in New Holland to receive the grant, which will provide 1 year of support in the Lancaster area.

Therapeutic RPG Gaming uses the play aspects of a role playing game to help people explore challenging situations and emotions, practice and rehearse coping strategies and skills, and most importantly develop meaningful social relationships using games and play.

A Role Playing Game is an activity where a group of persons create a fictional world and characters. The game master then designs challenges as a simulation where the players make choices and explore consequences as they build a collaborative story. Conflicts as to where the story is to go (for example – whether or not you are able to bribe a guard to get your friend out of jail, or whether you can barter for a lower price on an item) are resolved using dice or cards as a randomizer. The types of games range in genre from fantasy and science fiction to systems that feature adventures in properties such as My Little Pony and the fictional worlds of George R.R. Martin. Games also meet different age, cognitive and developmental levels through different rules systems.

Role Playing Games used therapeutically allow a trained therapist to design adventurers and use the simplicity and relaxed atmosphere of a game. The modality uses techniques from narrative therapy, drama therapy, play therapy and group dynamics. The game assists in providing immersion into the story, and encourages group decision making and peer feedback.

The program is set to begin in January of 2020. Contact us for more details.