We’d like to send out a special thank you to all of our supporters for a successful 2019 ExtraOrdinary Give event here in Lancaster, PA! We had 42 donors, including a number of anonymous donors, and we reached our goal of almost $3,000. Thank you again to all those who helped put this together, and we look forward to enhancing our programs in 2020 with your help!

Kojo Clarke
Yve Girault
Barry and Carol Kornhauser
Joseph Frank
Jessica Hoffer
James Michaels
Robert Honeycutt
Chris Naftzger
Cindy Emmerling
Cheryl Pempek
Nick Hess
Louise Stewart
Doug Elmer
Jamie Marshall
Shelly Koch
Infinity Transportation Services LLC
Joanne Sabo
Larry Sciuchetti
Danielle, Erin, and Liam Magee
Pam Dix
Nancy Izquieta
Connect Counseling LLC
Matthew & Karen Allen
Heather March-Engle
John Hornberger
Kristen Pempek
Patricia Warfel
Chris Ruppert
Aaron Ruppert
Donald Lemaster
American Legion Post 662
clark food service equipment purchasers
Shannon Young- Iron Valley Real Estate
Lisa Clayton
Sugey Cruz-Everts