The Tommy Foundation’s Spring 2014 Newsletter is now out and available! Filled with interviews and a schedule of events for Autism Awareness month in 2014, it’s a can’t miss!

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Featuring Interviews with world-class comic book creators Dave and Angie Knot from Autism Face Value:

Autism at Face Value started as a non-profit business based in York, PA, USA. Founder Dave Kot never imagined how widespread his idea for positive autism awareness would become…by making a comic book. A life-long comic book fan, Dave helped create the first golden-era comic book hero with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). During the “golden-era,” good triumphed over evil with modesty and self-respect. In-and-of itself, the risk to include a character with autism as a main heroic character in a comic book were huge steps towards diversity and public awareness…

Interviews with Naomi Hulst, a leader in the Lancaster County Special Olympics:

When she was 5 years old, my daughter, Haley, would swing so high she’d almost be horizontal and stayed in the swimming pool for 3 hours. At 6 years old, she ran on a balance beam with in a perfect, straight line. At 7 years old, she’d lob a ball directly into the basket. A natural athlete, I thought. But she was diagnosed at 28 months with autism. She was barely verbal, slept only 5 hours a night, and I couldn’t get her to focus or respond to commands…

And all about our upcoming events in April 2014 including the 7th Annual Edge of Autism Festival and Walk and more! Be sure to check it out!