We provide educational scholarships through the EITC partnerships. To qualify, you must meet the following criteria.

For the purposes of the EITC, the term “tuition” shall also include school-related fees charged by a school,including a special education school. School-related fees shall include fees charged by a school to all students for books, instructional materials, technology equipment and services, uniforms and activities.
A school includes any public or nonpublic kindergarten, elementary school or secondary school at which the compulsory attendance requirements of the commonwealth may be met and which meets the applicable requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A special education school is a school or program within a school that is designated specifically and exclusively for students with disabilities listed in Title 34 CFR §300.8 and meets one of the following:
(1) is licensed under the Private Academic Schools Act;
(2) is accredited by an accrediting association approved by the State Board of Education;
(3) is a school for the blind or deaf receiving commonwealth appropriations; or
(4) is operated by or under the authority of a bona fide religious institution or by the commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof.
An eligible student is a school age student, including an eligible student with a disability, who is a resident of Pennsylvania, who is enrolled in a school located in this commonwealth and who is a member of a household with an annual household income of not more than $85,000 except that an additional income allowance of $15,608 is permitted for the student and for each other dependent (as defined by the IRS)living within the same household.
To be considered an eligible student with a disability, a student must meet the following criteria:
(1) is either enrolled in a special education school or has otherwise been identified as a “child with a disability” as defined in Title 34 CFR §300.8;
(2) needs special education an drelated services;
(3) is enrolled in a school and
(4) is a member of a household that does not exceed the maximum annual household income.
“School age” ranges from the earliest admission age for a school’s kindergarten program (or if the school has no kindergarten program, the earliest age at which the student may begin school), through the age attained upon graduation from secondary school or 21 years of age,whichever occurs first.  With respect to an eligible student with a disability, multiply the sum of $85,000plus the allowance(s) of $15,608 per student and dependant, by the support level factor of 1.50 if the student is not enrolled in a special education school or by the support level factor of 2.993 if the student isenrolled as a student in a special education school.
A household includes an individual living alone or an individual living with the following:
a.    a spouse, parent and their unemancipated minor children;
b.    other unemancipated minor children who are related by blood or marriage; or
c.    other adults or unemancipated minor children living in the household who are dependent upon the individual.

If you feel you may qualify, contact us via the form below to begin the conversation.