The Fall 2016 Dad’s Day at High Sportz was pretty amazing, I have to say!

We started off with a great BBQ courtesy of Dave, caught up on opening day in the NFL, the new school year for our kids, and then proceeded to hit the racing track. Minus one stalled car for Everett, we raced it pretty well. Then we hit the mini-golf course, and let’s just say you can tell we don’t get out much anymore. Congrats to Everett for the win however, and Jacobo for a close second.

We closed out the night with some time at the batting cages. High Sportz was nice enough to stay open a little later for us, and we appreciate it.

Dad’s Day is a time for Dad’s to get out, make some new friends or see old ones, and take part in some friendly competition. Very friendly. So friendly in fact, that no one got run over this time in their race car. Which means we’re making progress.

Thanks again to all the Dad’s and Granddad’s that came out. We’ll be doing it again soon, and if anyone wants to help put it together, contact Rich or Sugey. See you in the winter!


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