We firmly believe that the most important assets in the world are people, and while there is a place for research in all movements, investing in human beings will always yield the greatest return.

Started in 2005 by two parents of a child on the severe end of the autism spectrum, The Tommy Foundation has grown from a small dream in Lancaster, Pennsylania to now an award winning foundation with connections all across the United States.

Winners of a March 2010 Pepsi Refresh Project grant of $50,000, the Tommy Foundation are producers of the film “The United States of Autism,” as well as leaders in the promotion of METT face recognition (as seen on Fox TV”s show “Lie to Me“) for individuals on the autism spectrum. Our collegiate programs are designed to assist current families as well as bring talent into the autism movement long term, and we endeavor to reach minority families in as many ways as possible.

We also aim to embrace individuals on the spectrum who classify themselves as neuro-diverse, as well as individuals who can not speak for themselves and their families, as well as everyone in between. It is a tightrope to balance the interests of so many groups, yet we find that everyone can agree that we are all looking to help our children and selves reach our greatest potential. This is what we mean by our message “embracing families affected by autism”

Our Mission

Founded in 2005 by parents of a child on the autism spectrum, The Tommy Foundation is an emerging voice for the autism movement receiving numerous awards including the Lancaster Red Rose award.
Today, the Foundation provides direct assistance to families, as well providing trainings to hundreds of students, professionals, PhD candidates and doctors to date. Serving as producers for the full length autism documentary “The United States of Autism, they also have thousands of individuals participate in events every year and partner with numerous organizations around the nation to serve their local communities.
The Tommy Foundation continually seeks to embrace individuals on the entire autism spectrum, educate families and individuals to handle the condition, and to empower all those who desire to advocate for the autism movement.