“Sportsmanship is when you walk off the floor and no one can tell if you won or lost, you carry yourself with pride either way.” This is the quote that first greets you when you visit the website for MTX Cheerleading. MTX stands for Manheim Township Competition and for the last few years this wonderful group has had a cheer squad made entirely of special needs individuals. Their mission reads: “Our mission is to give girls the opportunity to cheer at a competitive level while building their self esteem, honesty and integrity. We also encourage girls to work toward a goal of reaching their full potential as an individual and team; not only in cheerleading, but in all aspects of their lives.”

Interestingly enough The Tommy Foundation is proud to have 3 of its kiddos involved with this group and not all of them are girls. One is the very first boy on the squad, Cameron. Cameron’s mom, Val said that her inspiration to get Cameron involved with this group first came to her from observing his interests and motivations and thinking that perhaps this would be a good way to get him to be a part of a team! “My son Cameron has high functioning autism. He is 8 years old. He loves to dance and recite movie and TV show characters. When we would go football games Cam would get worked up but really focus on the cheerleaders. So when I heard about this special-needs, cheer-squad called MTX I was like hmmm wonder if Cam would like this. Well he loves it. There has been so many challenges we have overcome or its gotten easier for him because of this. He feels like part of a team and loves his couches too.”

Like the wonderful, precocious little dude he is, when asked what he likes about cheering Cam simply says “I like being ‘THE MAN’ when I cheer.”

Two of our other kiddos involved in the program, who have been involved for the last few years are Jennifer and Madison. Jennifer likes MTX Cheerleading because of the opportunities it has given her socially to make friends. She states that, “I love cheerleading. I make great friends and I like the music and dancing.” Her younger sister Madison likes the feeling of accomplishment she gets from the program. “I love being a part of a wonderful team because they all get to be special and do their own little parts which combine together to make up the team!”

MTX Heart has been a wonderful addition to programs and services provided in our local community to give our children a sense of pride, accomplishment and inclusion. For more information you can visit their website at: http://mtextremecheer.com/

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