2017 was an incredible year for programs with families. Our teen program has seen some success as have our connections with programs and schools in the community. We were able to visit schools like New Story, Donegal High School and Salisbury Elementary school in the last few months of the year to help with our goal of helping kids feel included, respected and to deter bullying and foster a greater understanding about autism.

2018 is shaping up to be no slouch either. We have already started planning out various events including our support meetings, Egg Hunt, the 2018 Edge of Autism Walk & Festival and some special trainings.

As for our support meetings, we do have some small changes over the next few months since our irreplaceable Support Meeting Coordinator, Kira, is going to be welcoming a new wonderful addition to her family.  Our next support meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 12th from 6:30-8:30pm in Stager Hall, Franklin and Marshall College.  In March, Director of Advocacy, Shelly Koch will be taking the helm at our usual meeting time to discuss IEPs. Questions can be submitted by emailing her at shelly@tommyland.org.  Additionally that month we have a Guardianship and Financial Planning seminar with Orrstown Bank and the law firm of Kling & Deibler, LLP on Saturday, March 17th.  Please make sure to follow our calendar of events or our public Facebook events page for updates.

Lastly for now, we did finally get approval for our Edge of Autism Event—Time & Space for Saturday, May 5th, 2018.  We are so excited to be having the event in what we hope will be warmer and nicer weather so everyone can enjoy the day. Many preparations are already well under way and we are officially co-hosting the event this year with New Story School (Mountville PA).  Our event will again be at Buchanan Park, Lancaster PA and we are certainly looking for ideas, volunteers and sponsors so let us know how you want to be a part of our Family Reunion and biggest day of the year.

You can register for the event at: www.edgeofautism.com
Email Sugey@tommyland.org for any questions you might have!

We hope to continue to count on your support and participation with the families we serve this year.  Check out this awesome slideshow as well of some of our favorite memories from 2017.

Thank you!